Farm Workers Hiring in Poland 2022

Farm Worker Hiring in Poland 2022

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Farm Worker Hiring in Poland

The agricultural sector is an important source of income for Polish communities.
Approximately 50 percent of rural inhabitants work in the industry, most of whom
commute to towns for jobs. Of the private farmers, 33 percent are full-time farmers
who make most of their income from agriculture. Twenty-one percent of rural
workers work for state or private institutions that allot small plots of land. During the
1980s, the number of landless rural laborers was almost nil.

Agricultural workers

Agricultural workers hiring in Poland is a great opportunity for seasonal migrants.
While the country’s hotel and catering industries have been severely affected by the
COVID-19 pandemic, the agricultural sector still has jobs available to seasonal
migrants. In addition, government restrictions and human clusters have reduced the
need for food-handling services. However, the demand for agricultural workers is
still higher than the supply. Agricultural workers in Poland are highly qualified and
can find jobs in many different fields.

Landless rural laborers

In the mid-1980s, fifty percent of Poland’s rural population worked in agriculture and
commuted to cities. Some of these rural dwellers were full-time farmers, while others
worked for non-agricultural employers or for small agricultural institutions. This
meant that landless rural laborers had almost disappeared from the country’s
agricultural economy. By the 1980s, the number of landless rural laborers had
decreased by a third.

Industrial workers

According to a recent report, the growing level of education among Polish industrial
workers is a key contributor to increased productivity. Although the majority of
Polish industrial workers have a high school education or higher, there are some
exceptions. For example, about five percent of workers with a higher education also
work in higher-level jobs. The data is based on the Polish Labor Force Survey, which
covered data from approximately 50,000 individuals.

Job Requirement

Farm Workers POLAND View & Apply
Farm Workers POLAND View & Apply

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