General Farm Worker Jobs in Canada 2022

General Farm Worker Jobs in Canada 2022

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General Farm Worker Jobs in Canada

If you are looking for a full-time or seasonal job in agriculture, you might be interested in General Farm Worker vacancies. The average working hours of this position are between 05:00 am and 15:00 pm, and you may be required to work irregular hours, including nights and weekends. Canada’s government expects the number of available jobs to rise to 15,200 by the year 2028, with new applicants coming from all parts of the country, including immigrants and school leavers.

Job description for a General Farm Worker

A general farm worker is someone who plants and tends to crops, raises livestock, and cares for poultry. Their job duties also include fixing buildings and operating farm machinery. They work on a variety of farms and ranches, and may specialize in particular types of crop or livestock production. In order to work on a farm, you must be a Canadian citizen or hold a valid work permit.

Minimum qualifications required

General farm workers are responsible for planting crops, raising livestock and poultry, and repairing and maintaining farm buildings, machinery, and infrastructure. Some specialize in particular types of crop production or animal husbandry. In any case, all farmworkers must be Canadian citizens or hold a valid work permit. In addition, farm workers must have basic English or French language skills and a valid work permit. To apply for this position, you must have a high school diploma and fluency in French and English.


In Canada, general farm worker jobs are predicted to grow by 15% by 2022. This position is responsible for planting crops, caring for livestock and poultry, and maintaining farm infrastructure. Those interested in pursuing this job are required to have permanent residency or Canadian citizenship. They must also possess a valid work permit to work in Canada. The average salary of a farm worker in Canada is around $24,000 a year. Those with experience in these jobs are likely to earn a higher salary than those in other occupations.


The Government of Canada has stated that they are planning to invite 1.2 million skilled foreign workers to work in Canada. Many of these jobs have great benefits, including job security. There are several types of farm worker jobs in Canada, including those in the dairy industry, grain handling, and beef and pork production. Some farm worker positions require no professional qualifications. These positions fall under the NOC category D. However, some farm worker occupations require training or education.

Job Requirement

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