Factory Worker Jobs in Australia 2022

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Factory Worker Jobs in Australia Will Increase by 32% by 2022

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of factory worker jobs will increase by 32% by 2022, which is much faster than the average rate for all occupations. The median salary for a factory worker is around $63,300 AUD, though the bottom 75 percent will earn a lot more. This means that the demand for factory worker jobs will exceed supply for some time.

Demand for factory workers in Australia is expected to grow by 24% to 35,500 by 2022

The demand for factory workers in Australia is growing rapidly as technology, demographic changes, and the digitalization of the economy continue to change the workplace. As a result, skills shortages are becoming an increasingly pressing issue. As a result, many Australian workers are seeking new and different skills to meet changing industry demands.

This demand is increasing at a fast pace, with many people seeking factory work that pays well. However, the demand is not a steady stream and can change drastically depending on the type of work that the worker is doing. This is due to high manufacturing costs. Australia is also looking for skilled foreign workers to help fill the skills shortage.


Average salary for factory workers in Australia is $48,196 per year

In Australia, factory workers make on average $48,196 a year, making them some of the lowest paid jobs in the country. They often perform various tasks in a factory, from operating machines to sorting items and overseeing a process line. Although the average salary for factory workers in Australia isn’t as high as in other countries, many workers earn more than the average.

Besides the average salary of $48,196 per year, factory workers often receive annual raises. The average annual increase for factory workers in Australia is 8% every 16 months. The formula for determining annual raises varies with each company, but the rate of increases is typically related to performance. If you can demonstrate exceptional performance in your job, you can expect to earn even more. Additionally, many companies in Australia offer bonuses in order to attract new workers.

Duties of a factory worker

A factory worker is a worker who performs a variety of functions at a manufacturing facility. They are often responsible for manual weighing, picking, mixing, and chemical titration, and their hours are flexible. They typically earn around $25 per hour and are not required to have a university degree to work in the field.

There are many different types of factory worker jobs, and each requires different skills and interests. Nevertheless, there are several factors that determine whether factory workers are good candidates for the role. For example, if they have a passion for food, they may be best suited for the cooking department of a restaurant.



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