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The Singaporean job market is tight, and while the Covid-19 immigration law has made it more
difficult to attract foreign talent, the government is not experiencing a “Great Resignation.” It is
likely that the rate of turnover is low in most sectors, but there are still many positions available.
Here are some job categories in which Singapore needs workers. The job market will continue to
be tight until the year 2022, but there may be some gaps.

IT jobs

In addition to software engineers, other technical talent is highly sought after in the financial and
banking industries. These sectors are increasing their efforts to achieve Environmental, Social
and Governance (ESG) goals, and companies are seeking people with technical expertise in
these fields. Manufacturing jobs are also in demand, with a lack of workers and job switching
predicted as border curbs tighten. If you have the necessary skills and experience, IT jobs in
Singapore are highly desirable and in high demand in the coming years.

While the skills needed by these companies will differ from industry to industry, the general
requirements for each type are similar. Those with an understanding of how the industry works
and how technology can help these companies find the best employees will be in high demand.
There are various ways to find these jobs in Singapore. You can look at the job description and
post your resume on various websites. Another way is to join a job portal like Monster, which
features multiple job posting options and a resume database with millions of registered users. In
addition to that, ST Jobs also offers a number of paid options that are based on the number of
jobs posted. The website offers a wealth of employer resources as well as a career fair.

Quality control managers

If you have the patience and the strategic thinking to oversee quality controls, you may be
interested in applying for a job as a quality control manager. The job description requires a
quality-conscious individual who can evaluate raw materials, the production process and the
finished goods. As a quality control manager, you will ensure that products meet government
regulations and compliance policies. Interested candidates should be ready to relocate to

The salary range for a Quality Control Manager varies by location. The highest-paid job in
Singapore pays $117,638 per year. The lowest-paid job is $29,444 per year. A qualified
candidate can earn between $65,000-$80,000 per year. The average salary is $66,725 per year.
However, the pay scale varies widely based on years of experience, skill level, and location

General kitchen cleaners

Singapore will soon be in need of more General Kitchen Cleaners. They are responsible for
cleaning the entire kitchen, including all appliances, surfaces, dishware, and stores. In addition,
they collect trash and ensure the kitchen is clean at all times. Whether you are a newbie or have
been in the industry for years, there is no shortage of demand for General Kitchen Cleaners. If
you are interested in working as one, check out the opportunities below.

If you have a strong work ethic, you should consider working as a General Kitchen Cleaner in
Singapore. This is an exciting position with good pay and a chance to work for a company that is
growing. Many restaurants and cafes are in need of cleaners. You will be helping out the
management staff by washing toilets and performing other tasks as assigned. A great benefit of
working in a fast-growing company is that you will be working in an environment that will keep up
with the demands of a growing city.


The current shortage of engineers in Singapore has resulted in a nationwide search for more
professionals to fill the void. However, there are still a few options available to those with the
relevant qualifications. One way to find a job in this country is to post your resume online. This is
one of the best ways to find a job despite the current low demand for engineers. While applying
for a job in Singapore, make sure to use relevant keywords.

Depending on the job description, an engineer can earn anywhere from S$4,750 to S$15,100
per month. The salary range varies significantly between different engineering careers. Below
are some salaries and job descriptions for different Engineering careers. The average base
salary is S$7,130 per month. For engineers at the top ten percentile, the salary could be as high
as S$15,950 per month.

Singapore Open Vacancies

Jobs Details Hiring Organization Monthly Salary Apply Now
Forklift Drivers Katoen Natie Singapore (Jurong) Pte Ltd $3,000 Apply Now
FACTORY PACKER KLEANHAUS PTE. LTD. $1,600 – $3,200 Apply Now
Plater – Level 1 Honeywell $3,000 Apply Now
Garment processing factory recruits sewing salesman JC RECRUITMENT PTE. LTD. $2,900 – $3,400 Apply Now
General Worker GLOBALTRONIC PRECISION PTE. LTD. $1,400 – $1,600 Apply Now
Part Time Office Cleaner (Tanjong Pager) GREEN CLEANERS PTE. LTD. Apply Now
Storekeeper Target Recruitment A member of WMS Group
$2,500 – $2,800 Apply Now
Airport Baggage Handler Up To 15sgd Per Hour ACE MANAGEMENT SERVICE $15 an hour Apply Now



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