Latest Jobs Hiring In New Zealand 2022

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Jobs Hiring In New Zealand

Want to know what jobs are currently in demand in New Zealand? Here is some information on a
number of fields: Accountancy, Carpentry, Nursing, and more! You may even be able to land a
dream job in these fields! The New Zealand employment market is booming, with unemployment
at 3.2%, and employment in human resources, engineering, manufacturing, and trades growing.


Carpenters are skilled tradespeople who use wood, metal and other materials to build and repair
buildings. This profession can be rewarding – you’ll be using your own hands to make and repair
structures on a daily basis. In New Zealand, carpenters can work on new houses, renovations
and small repairs – or they can work on architecturally designed buildings, high rises or historic
landmarks. Carpenters are required to be qualified to practice their trade. Apprenticeships in this
industry are managed by the BCITO, and students work towards a New Zealand Certificate of
Carpentry Level 4.


If you are looking to make a career change, you may want to consider a career in accountancy.
Accountants are in demand and have good prospects for career advancement. This job requires
a degree and professional qualification. Become a registered member of the Accountants and
Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ACTANZ) to improve your chances of landing a job.
Accountants prepare financial statements for companies and individuals, prepare tax returns,
and advise on compliance requirements. Getting a career in accounting will give you many
opportunities to advance in commerce, such as becoming a chief executive.


Nurses are in demand, and the country needs more nurses. Despite recent strikes, there are still
many people looking for work in this sector. Whether you are interested in being a nurse or
simply want to change career direction, nursing is one of the latest jobs hiring in New Zealand
2022. The pay increases are commensurate with the skills and experience required. The pay
rises are expected to increase employment opportunities and improve the standard of living for
New Zealanders.


Accountant is a high-demand profession in New Zealand. People always need help with their
finances, from deciding on an investment plan to planning for the future. It is a career that
requires passion and dedication, but offers a stable income. A well-qualified accountant can
make a great start in the finance sector, or even pursue further education. Business
development managers are also in high demand, but the supply of candidates is still low.


Carpenters work with wood to build and repair buildings. Carpenters repair walls, floors, roofs,
and foundations. They choose building materials and cut them to size, and they also renovate
old buildings. Carpenters can earn $20 to $25 per hour, but employers prefer highly qualified
individuals with New Zealand Certificates in Carpentry. If you’re interested in learning this trade,
secondary education can get you an apprenticeship.


If you are looking for a job that pays well, a career as an electrician could be your perfect match.
These professionals are responsible for testing, installing, and repairing electrical systems. They
also prepare job quotes, interpret electrical plans, and install wiring and equipment. This job is
well-paid, and typically includes benefits that fit the lifestyle of the worker. Depending on the
field, benefits can include income protection insurance, life insurance, assistance with childcare,
and access to gyms.


Plumbing is a highly in-demand trade. This skilled profession installs and maintains water
systems for buildings, including sewage and heating systems. Plumbers are often involved in
the construction of new houses and in assessing and fixing any problems that might be present
in an existing system. With the growing population, plumbers are in demand all over the world.
They can expect a 30% increase in job opportunities between 2020 and 2022.

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